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Keep warm and cozy this Valentines with Moccis' Warm Heart slippers

With fans such as Victoria Beckham, Rita Ora, Sienna Miller, Claudia Schiffer and many more, everyone is raving about Moccis!

Moccis® (pronounced Mock-Keys) are the first and only luxury hand sewn Swedish moccasins to bring fashion, function, and fun to adult and children’s indoor footwear worldwide.

Moccis are a hybrid of a sock and slipper in one, making them the perfect indoor footwear. They feature a soft leather sole that prevents you from slipping and falling down and are super soft and cozy, yet indestructible.

Moccis have developed a unique 10-Step Secret System, to ensure that every pair of Moccis® pampers and protects your feet like no other.

Unlike socks and slippers, which can damage your feet, Moccis® are podiatrist recommended and feature:

• Machine washable leather and non-slip soles to help prevent slipping and injury

• Hand sewn stitching to maintain a level of craftsmanship that makes Moccis the finest moccasin available

• Ethically produced in Sweden to ensure the highest possible quality and keep our carbon footprint nice and small

• An invisible support strap so they don’t fall off or lose their shape

• The highest quality luxury materials to softly caress and comfort your feet

• Stay-dry protection to keep feet warm, dry, and odour free

• Limited collector designs by our creator and designer Anna Wetterlin

Moccis are available for babies, children and adults and come in over 30 fun designs, including more than 20 'Twinning' designs.


Prices from £25 at www.moccis.co.uk



Contact Moccis's PR team

Stockist details

+44 (0)333 577 7500 | https://moccis.co.uk

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